Film Festival and Pakistan

Recently a private channel hosted a Film Festival, highlighting the impact of the foreign movies on the local cinemagoers and especially the new Pakistani Cinema. The film festival had more than 400 submissions and almost 20 odd films were then nominated for award presentation.

The film festival showcased international and national 17 movies, and the most prominent movies which were recognized and acknowledged. Somehow I felt that the most movies were from the parallel cinema and commercially did not do well. Among the Pakistani movies, Mah e Mir and Songs from Lahore by Sharmeen Chinoy were appreciated by all.

The revival of the film industry in Pakistan has opened avenues for many young and talented artists and film makers, by giving them an opportunity to compete on an international film platform. The exhibitors and distributors feel that the showing of foreign films have played a vital role for bring people back to the cinema houses.
Every week a new movie is released, with private previews and celebrity shows. The trend of watching movies in Pakistan has also evolved with increasing number of local and international movies now being show in the cinemas.
Nevertheless the only set back point which I feel is the lack of latest cinema houses / high definition screens.
Hosting such film festivals is a great initiative to build a positive yet a professional recognition. Pakistan’s television is one of the largest industry in South Asia and the quality of production facilities are of high quality and standards.

PAS-Honoring the advertising and marketing industry

PAS (Pakistan Advertisers Society) is the biggest and premium Advertising, Marketing and Media Industry in Pakistan. PAS honors the most effective pieces of marketing and advertising communications. This year, the PAS awards were held at Karachi Expo center on 15th April 2017, and TeamNJmedia was the official TV production house.

The PAS awards honor the untiring efforts of the advertising and media companies who work hard to create a unique and entertaining segment for the audiences.

The award ceremony was an entertaining and energized evening which was attended by the top-notch companies of Pakistan including banks, multinationals, advertising agencies, and many well-known celebrities from film TV and Fashion.

The show was hosted by Ahmed Ali Akbar who is a well-known director, actor and model. He boosted the energy of the show by his witty comments about advertising companies, telemarketing comic act and delightful hosting. Later on the evening was sparked by the humorous and amusing performances by the Khawatoonz, Junaid Akram, and Taimoor Salahuddin.

Noori and Sara Haider rocked the audience; the beautiful Nosheen took over the stage by her dazzling performance on “Dostea” song.

There were numerous nominations for awards in different fields including Agriculture, Construction, Automotive, Banking, Food, Culinary, Beverages, Textile and Fashion, Cosmetics, Home care, Health care, Telecommunication, Public Services, and Media Innovation. The most prominent categories were, Campaign for good, Season`s Special, Passion for Pakistan, Best Nationality Originated campaign, Campaign of the year and Top Brand 2016.
Coca Cola, Mobilink, Telenor, Interwood, Unilever won awards in different categories along with Habib Bank ltd., who won the award for Top Brand 2016.

Mr. Anwar H. Rammal CEO of Asiatic advertising Pakistan won the Lifetime Achievement Award.
The biggest names of the multinational Mr.Aly Mustansir (Chairperson, PAS) Ms.Shazia Syed (Chairperson and Chief Executive Unilever Pakistan), Mr.Fouad Husain (CEO Group M), Mr. Aamir Ahsan (CFO, Nurpur) Mr. Sarmad Ali Khan (Director Marketing, Jang Group), Mr.Naveed Asghar (CMO, HBL), Mr.Raheel Pasha (Director, Unilever Pakistan), Mr.Atif Bajwa (President and CEO, Bank Alfalah) Mr.Imran Aslam (President GEO TV Network), Mr. Qamar Abbas (Executive Director PAS), Mr.Saqib Zia (General secretary, PAS) and the biggest names of entertainment industry Ms.Atiqa Odho, Ms.Shaista Lodhi, Ms.Moomal Shaikh, Mr.Jami Mehmood, Ms.Nadia Hussain, Mr.Tapu Javeri and many others attended the show.

Team NJ media under the supervision of the Director Mr.Nadeem J who pulled out all the efforts to direct a well-managed and smooth show. The show will be broadcasted on TV but it has already created hype because of the live feeds on all social media networks.

Team NJ media is the only production house in Pakistan who is engaged with the biggest entertainment ventures in capturing the events as live from the start to the final look on screen.