Pakistan music industry

Luckily, Pakistan has been a country that experienced the best in music always. Music has been in the genes of this soil. Be it sufi music, pop, rock or contemporary, Pakistan has always been in the top charts, the music and the artists here have gained fine recognition for themselves globally. Musicians, composers, singers have been working enthusiastically to keep this industry alive & not to any surprises they have achieved what they dreamed.
Seeing from the past, music was in the veins of this land and has always made its way to its listeners. Pakistan holds the acknowledgement of introducing some very versatile singers and this soil has produced magnificent artists who not only acclaimed themselves as singers but devoted their music towards this industry. Where Madam Noor Jahan offered her voice to the borders and motivated the Jawans to fight, there Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan took Pakistani music to another level and gained fame internationally.

Pop, rock and jazz music made this industry grow and in 80’s Pakistan experienced a completely new era of music with The Hassan siblings (Zohaib Hassan/Nazia Hassan) who became the trendsetters in pop music. This young lad and lady were contagious with their music. People all over the world were Disco Deewane on their tunes. The rhythms and tunes have never faded and decade by decade Pakistan has always made its presence in music industry with new ideas, innovations and bold elements.

Qawwalis, Qaul & taranas, Folk, Qafis, are conquered by Pakistani Artists. No matter how the situation may go around politically for Pakistan, but music industry is a ray of hope for all the Sureelay listeners always. We might not have healthy relations with our borders but music on this end has always spread its arms and has welcomed with love. The musical projects that are very prominent are creating history and adding up to the betterment and progress to Sur industry. Pakistani film music has also been a treat to its listeners no matter whether it was Maala singing her love songs or Naseebo’s bold hits, listeners have always looked up and appreciated the Sangeet
From Alam Lohar to Maai Dhaai the folklore and the folk music are in good hands. Despite of the fact that Pakistan lacks in solid musical trainings to upcoming singers, this industry has never failed its prominence. All genres of music are covered by Pakistani artists. We can surely say that from the past all the way to the future it shows that this industry has borne and will bear great accomplishments for it.