Ramadan Transmissions

Ramadan has arrived and everyone in the town is excited about it. It is the time of the year when TV addicts become very excited about all the happenings of the TV world.
Those who never get a chance to watch TV were looking forward to Ramadan transmission which is a complete package of entertainment, guidance and learning.
Be it an Islamic learning session or a philanthropic segment, a charity or engagement of people in DUA, these transmissions show the real brotherhood, patience and unity from Sehar till Iftar.
Apart from that the flowing river of Gifts in game shows also attracts a huge number of audiences which seems to be a never ending affair.
This time the shows are going bigger and better. TV One, Bol, ATV, ARY and many other TV channels are hosting this huge transmission but this year the biggest and most happening transmission is from GEO TV, which is hosted by Nauman Ejaz and Bushra Ansari for the very first time. But that’s not all, the biggest attraction this year are the cricket tycoons, Wasim Akhtar and Shoaib Akhtar along with the new stand-up comedian in town, Syed Shafaat Ali as a co-host and many more Islamic scholars.
This transmission is a proud presentation of Team NJ Media, under the direction of M.Nadeem J, who has been the pioneer of huge transmissions and entertainment programs. The creative and post production aspect of Team NJ Media has always been a cornerstone which differentiates their programs from others.
There are many segments in this show which include, naat khuani, quiz, charity, art competition and the BIGGEST game show of TV history.
This time Team NJ Media has made sure that the transmissions should provide core knowledge and learning of Islam and enlight people about the true meaning of Ramadan.


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